The Burswood Casino

Location: Perth, Australia
Architect: Blainey North Architects

Australia’s Burswood Entertainment Complex, which is celebrating its 25th birthday this year, is Perth’s destination for luxury facilities and accommodation. Located on the Swan River, the Crown Limited owned complex houses the Burswood Casino, whose imposing atrium entices customers into its world of glitz and glamour. Following a $10 million refit in 2010, the atrium’s restaurant and lobby area was transformed by a stunning granite and mirror clad wall, adding glimmering dimensions to the casino’s fascia.


Blainey North Architects, the architect firm tasked with the exterior design, has long been a MEGAMAN® client. North and his colleague Justin Condon were very particular with the atrium’s illumination brief, the end result needed to fit in with the glamour and drama of the entire complex. Solely to achieve outstanding visual appeal, the lifts behind the illuminated wall in the lobby seem to emerge from behind ‘Emerald City’-like panels. Thanks to MEGAMAN®’s LED reflector series and Paviom’s directional lighting, the light appears to naturally fade upwards towards the lift shaft.


The project used the latest in LED reflector technology with 27 of MEGAMAN®’s AR111 GU10 dimmable lamps, fitted within Red Dot Design award-winning Paviom Lofoot projectors to illuminate the 12-metre granite and mirrored panels, which make up the striking lift screens. Uplights were used on the entrance boardwalk and throughout the atrium.


Warren Levisohn from VDM Consulting/BCA consultants specialist lighting division commented: “LED light sources provided the efficient yet warm lighting that we wanted to create this elegant space. Each mirrored panel was restricted to a width of 240mm so the build up of heat from any conventional light source would have been a concern – with LED technology, this isn’t a problem. Furthermore, the MEGAMAN AR111 lamps emit a warm light, which is comparable to halogens, yet far more efficient.”


With the casino open 24 hours a day, the atrium is continually lit, meaning that energy usage for the Burswood complex is high. MEGAMAN®’s AR111 LED reflector technology uses 80% less energy and lasts 13 times longer, an achievement that played a deciding factor in the specification of this project.


Further appeal came from the dimmable capabilities of the AR111; the casino creates ambient appeal during its opening hours, dimming the lights at night. The directional ability of the Lofoot projectors ensures adjustments to the lighting can be made with ease.

The Burswood Casino is an ideal example of the use of exterior lighting for dramatic effect with additional benefits; not only is the large atrium warm yet spectacular, the use of LED results in lower energy use and maintenance costs.

The Burswood Complex is a fully integrated entertainment precinct that comprises the casino, two hotels, an award-winning range of restaurants, a nightclub, a convention centre, a theatre and a stadium as well as a host of recreational facilities including a golf course, spa and retail outlets.


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