Altira Macau Hotel

Location: Macau, China

Heralded as being ‘reborn’, Altira Macau, formerly Crown Macau, underwent a major refurbishment in 2009 and since this time, the energy efficient measures that were introduced to the hotel’s lighting have been monitored – the results speak for themselves.


Not only is this hotel a jewel in terms of luxurious accommodation, but in energy efficiency as well. Thanks to innovative lamp technology from MEGAMAN®, Altira Macau’s lighting now consumes 81% less energy than previously, produces 81% less CO2 and, to date, not one lamp has needed replacing. Altira Macau is operated by Melco Crown Entertainment Limited, an entertainment company listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market (NASDAQ: MPEL) (“Melco Crown Entertainment”).


As the first European settlement in the Far East, Macau has always been a vibrant mix of traditional Chinese culture and exotic Portuguese buildings. Today, well known as Asia’s entertainment and leisure Mecca, Macau plays host to ever-increasing numbers of foreign tourists. With these tourists comes an increasing expectation for luxury, alongside environmental accountability. Always focused on bringing environmentally responsible initiatives to its hotels, Melco Crown Entertainment saw the refurbishment as an ideal opportunity to renew Altira Macau’s lighting as well as its interiors, using the latest in energy saving lamp technology.


Following consultation, it was decided that the incandescent lighting within the hotel’s 216 luxury guestrooms be replaced with a MEGAMAN® eco-lighting solution. In addition, it was requested that all the lamps used within these spaces be dimmable, to not only increase the energy saving potential of the lamps still further, but to allow users greater control of their lit environment. Not only did the replacement of the original lamps with MEGAMAN® DIMMERABLE energy saving lamp offer guests increased control, but the reduced heat output of the lamps meant savings on air-conditioning costs.


It wasn’t only the guestrooms that received the energy saving benefits of MEGAMAN® lamps. Altira Macau also used MEGAMAN®’s latest range of LED Reflector Series lamp throughout the public spaces. The corridors of all the guestroom floors in the 38-storey hotel are now lit using MEGAMAN® LED PAR16 7W lamps and it has been used wherever directional light is required; with a beam angle of 15 degrees MEGAMAN®’s PAR 16 7W lamp offers dramatic accent lighting, whilst using 72% less power than its halogen equivalent.


To date, over two thousand MEGAMAN® lamps have been installed in different areas of the hotel and, with a lamp life of over 10,000 hours for MEGAMAN® dimmable energy saving lamps and 25,000 hours for the company’s LED lamps the frequency of re-lamping throughout the hotel has been greatly reduced.


Not only has the cost of lighting maintenance been reduced thanks to the introduction of MEGAMAN® lamps, the changeover of the lighting system at the Altira Macau also helps reduce the hotel’s electricity costs by almost £16,000 (~HK$200,000) a year as well. Mr. Gerald Cheung, Engineering Services Manager at Altira Macau comments: “compared to the previous year with a similar occupancy rate, the electricity consumption has been reduced.” In kWh’s, consumption on lighting alone has dropped from 832,200kWh to 157,680kWh per year, an aggregate saving of 81%. In addition CO2 emissions have dropped 582.5 tons per year to 110, also an aggregate saving of 81%.*


Although Altira Macau is still committed to further improvements, to make it an even greener hotel, the progress to date shows its guests, and other hoteliers, that it is possible to make minor changes to a hotel’s lit environment, yet reap dramatic environmental and cost benefits. Altira Macau is, and will be for many years to come, a jewel in Asia’s crown when it comes to promoting sustainability alongside luxury.


*70 trees must be planted to absorb the CO2 produced by a single 60W incandescent lamp, compared to only 10 trees for an 11W energy saving lamp that delivers the same level of brightness.


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