Hotel Des Indes

Location: The Hague, Netherlands

Rich in heritage, the landmark Hotel des Indes, situated in the heart of The Hague, has been a statement in luxury in the Netherlands for over 150 years. After a major refurbishment in 2005, this Starwood group owned hotel has gone from strength to strength; leading the way through its stunning design, impeccable service and, surprisingly for a hotel of this era, its energy saving credentials.


Thanks to innovative lamp technology from MEGAMAN®, and the commitment of Pierre-Henri Bovsovers, the hotel’s general manager, Hotel des Indes’ move to energy efficient light sources has led to the hotel saving €643,207 and 658,930kg CO2 over the lifespan of the installation. These substantial energy savings have been achieved simply by replacing the original light sources in the hotel’s presidential suite, executive rooms and corridors with the latest in MEGAMAN LED and CFL lamp.


Pierre-Henri Bovsovers explains why he chose to update the hotel’s lighting: “We wanted to retain the welcoming, quality lighting scheme that we have had since the hotel was renovated back in 2005 by Jacques Garcia*, yet make the most of today’s energy efficient lighting technology. By working closely with MEGAMAN®, we were able to find replacements for all the lamps in the hotel’s guest rooms and corridors, which delivered the same high levels of light quality, lasted many times longer than the original lamps and delivered all this at a fraction of the energy consumption. Not only does the end result offer us a highly energy efficient lighting solution, but the quality of the light throughout is second to none.”


Luxury and efficiency in presidential suites

Boasting iconic views of The Hague from the Presidential Suites’ rooftop terrace, these have been designed with elegance in mind. The majestic living space features a formal dining and seating area and is lit by a mixture of chandeliers and wall and standard lamps. To ensure that a warm, welcoming environment was maintained within the space, MEGAMAN®’s highly efficient and dimmable, LED and CFL light sources were chosen. The latest in LED reflector technology was used in the wall, desk and pendant fixtures in the bathroom, bar and living areas, including LED 5W and 7W PAR16. In addition, MEGAMAN® CFLs were also used in the standard lamps throughout the suite. The transference from traditional light sources to CFL and LED technology has led to an impressive saving of 7,577 kg of CO2 and €7,955 in costs over the life of the lamps in the Presidential Suite.


Style and functionality in executive rooms

Hotel des Indes’ 90 junior suites and executive rooms were also updated with MEGAMAN®’s LED reflector and CFL lamp technology. A range of MEGAMAN®’s LED reflectors were used throughout the bathrooms and hallways, including the LED 7W PAR26 and 5W LED Candle and, in addition, MEGAMAN®’s Compact Classic CFL lamps were used in the chandeliers in the bed area. By switching from incandescent and halogen lamp technology, to MEGAMAN® LED and CFL energy saving products, the 90 rooms have saved an impressive €400,230 and 417,600 kg CO2 over the life of the lamps in the junior and executive rooms.


Safe and secure in the corridors

As with any hotel, the public spaces, and in particular the corridors, which are lit for most of the day and night consume significant amounts of electricity. With this in mind, the existing incandescent in the wall lamps throughout Hotel des Indes’ corridors were replaced with MEGAMAN® 7W LED lamps in a warm colour temperature. The final effect is the same, warm light as with the originals, but with a significant energy saving of €227,067 and 226,176 kg CO2 over the life of the lamps.


Thanks to the latest in LED and CFL reflector technology from MEGAMAN®, an iconic, historical hotel in The Hague not only looks magnificent, but has energy efficient lighting that will save money and CO2 for many years to come.


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