Coombe Abbey

Location: United Kingdom

Coombe Abbey Hotel finds significant cost and carbon emission savings by using MEGAMAN®'s LEDs

Set in 500 acres of parkland in the heart of rural Warwickshire, Coombe Abbey Hotel was founded as a monastery in the 12th century. The estate became a royal property in the 16th century and for the last twenty years has been a luxury hotel and conference venue. With interiors that are full of rich fabrics and attention to detail, the hotel’s private and public spaces are lit with a mix of ceiling, wall and task luminaires to achieve flexible, subtle lighting moods.


Following the review of Coombe Abbey Hotel’s existing lighting, Yvonne Scott recommended that the hallways, central lobby, bedrooms and landing areas would benefit most from the replacement of their existing halogen and incandescent light sources with the latest in MEGAMAN® LED lamp technology.


Mood setting was an important consideration because of the historic setting of the hotel and its classic interior décor. With this in mind, MEGAMAN®’s 5W LED frosted SBC/SES Candles were chosen for use in the bedrooms and public areas, MEGAMAN®’s 5W GU10 reflector LED’s were used in the down lighters throughout the hotel’s public and private spaces and MEGAMAN®’s 8W LED Dimmable Classics were chosen for the bedrooms.


Throughout Coombe Abbey Hotel MEGAMAN® lamps have been incorporated into existing fittings. Not only has this made the change over to energy efficient lighting quick and easy, it has also ensured minimum disruption to guests during the lighting refurbishment. The end result is stunning in terms of both aesthetics and cost and energy efficiencies. With significantly longer lamp life than their halogen and incandescent equivalents, MEGAMAN®’s LED lamps reduce maintenance costs, run at a fraction of the energy cost and produce a light quality that is second to none.


MEGAMAN®’s LED Candle lamps are not only highly energy efficient alternatives, but offer users the same quality of light you would expect from traditional candle lamps but with a life of 30,000 hours. The LED Dimmable Classics range is an ideal replacement for 60W incandescent light sources and its capacity for linear dimming from 100% to 10%, even light distribution, low energy consumption and long lamp life ensure a quality, highly efficient solution from day one. MEGAMAN®’s LED GU10’s are part of the LED Reflector Series and offer end users low energy replacements for halogen reflectors. Lasting up to 13 times longer and using 80% less power than halogen equivalents these lamps are ideal for use where mood lighting and energy efficiency need to work hand in hand.


The end result at Coombe Abbey Hotel is beautiful as well as functional. Yvonne Scott concludes: “We have found MEGAMAN® lamps to be excellent in quality and appearance producing the lighting effect we required”.


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