Excellence in Product Innovation and Quality

The international success of MEGAMAN® has been built on the ability of its lighting products to deliver substantial benefits to a wide range of customers:

  • High energy efficiency - delivering the same light levels using about 20% of the electricity
  • Lower carbon footprint - generating 80% less CO2
  • Longer life - LED achieves up to 50,000 hours
  • LED Technology breakthrough - superior thermal management, high lumen output
  • Early payback - more cost-effective over time
  • Minimal heat production improves safety
  • Better lighting experience – range of colour temperatures
  • Wide choice of lamps for home, office, industrial and public buildings – internal and external use
  • Compatible with the majority of existing systems, making replacement quick and easy

World-beating Product Innovation

2022: Infinite IoT lighting solution developed based on Bluetooth Low Energy which is widely adopted in smartphones and tablets.

2019: Total Solution Provider of innovate and design LEDs with high degree of flexibility and adaptability

2018: Launched innovative Dual Beam Technology (DBT) which empowers to have two beam angles in one single luminaire, achieving both narrow and a wider light shape.

2016: Launched U-DIM™ Technology – seamless dimming and compatible with the widest range of existing dimmers. Launched Hybrid Reflector Technology offering excellent optics, efficacy and beam control.

2015: Launched INGENIUM® ZB Smart Lighting Solution and a full range of LED Luminaires. Expansion of TECOH® range with TECOH® APx.

2014: Launched first smart lighting range, INGENIUM® BLU. Industry first full range of Dim to Warm LED Products.

2013: Integrated LED luminaires introduced.

2012: Patented LED module - TECOH® MHx. TECOH® CFx – World’s first 2000lm Zhaga Book2 Certified Light Engine.

2011: R9 technology introduced to LED range. The first NVLAP lab certification for LED products.

2010: Launched the first MEGAMAN® LED Candle and Classic.

2009: Innovative Thermal Conductive Highway technology incorporated into MEGAMAN® LED reflectors. NVLAP lab certification for CFL products.

2008: Amalgam technology is employed in full CFL range.

2007: DIMMERABLE® technology introduced to CFL range.

2005: DorS technology introduced to CFL range. Industry first RoHS compliant CFL. MEGAMAN® goes global, selling lamps in over 90 countries.

2004: INGENIUM® technology is introduced to CFL lamps for long life and short preheating time.

2002: Industry first CFL GU10 reflector launched. Introduced Silicone Protection technology to CFL range.

1999: Patented Cooling-Tube technology introduced to CFL range.

1997: Industry first candle-shaped CFL launched.

1994: MEGAMAN® incorporated.

Rigorous Quality and Management Systems

MEGAMAN® products comply with the highest quality standards and achieved recognition to the following international standards: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and SA 8000:2014