Sei Unica

Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Lighting Designer: Wolfang Kucher

Sei Unica uses the latest in MEGAMAN® LED reflector technology with dramatic results

In Alstetten, a suburb of Zurich, Switzerland, this is a visionary new redevelopment of a former packaging site.


Wolfang Kucher, designer and architect for Sei Unica AG, explains further: “The Sei Unica boutique is part of the prestigious CONNECT project in Alstetten. A former packaging plant, the site has been developed based on the vision of combining work, living, sports, leisure and cultural facilities in one place. It centres around a restaurant and retail zone on the ground floor piazza, and the whole complex has been built to the Swiss MINERGIE® sustainability standard*.


We wanted to support the ethos of MINERGIE® within Sei Unica, and with this in mind, carefully researched the best lighting technology for use within the store that would support a high-quality look and feel, but be as energy efficient as possible.”


The end result is a dramatic combination of the latest in MEGAMAN® LED lamp technology and use of space, to create a boutique that not only looks stylish and sophisticated but saves over €1,500 a year in energy consumption and 7,723 kg of CO2 emissions**.


Working closely with Jean-Luc Mosch, from M.Schonenberger AG, the possibility of using LED lamp technology within the boutique was explored. Apart from its energy saving potential, LED technology was of interest because of its reduced heat output and ability to be positioned near to items on display. In consultation with MEGAMAN®, Mr Kucher chose to use MEGAMAN®’s LED AR111 GU10, 10W and 15W light sources, along with MEGAMAN® LED 5W Candle, to create the right balance of drama and exclusivity within the store, whilst reducing heat and energy consumption.


Part of MEGAMAN®’s LED Reflector Series, MEGAMAN®’s AR111 range of LED low energy replacement for halogen reflectors incorporates the company’s patented Thermal Conductive Highway™ (TCH) technology, which has superb heat dissipation, lighting performance and lumen maintenance. As a result the MEGAMAN® LED AR111 range lasts up to 13 times longer and uses 80% less power than halogen equivalents. With the same high quality light intensity and colour rendering of traditional AR111 spotlights (colour rendering of up to Ra92), but with no UV light radiation, negligible IR radiation or residual glare, the LED AR111 range is ideal for use in any retail outlet.


Maximising the advantages of LED

As well as lighting a mix of central display pods, which have been constructed on wheels, to be repositioned during a fashion show, Mr Kucher wanted customer’s eyes drawn to the impressive showcases around the sides of the boutique. One of the main challenges faced when lighting Sei Unica was obtaining the correct balance of light within these tall showcases. Mr Mosch, explains: “Compared to halogen and HID, LED lighting is a much newer technology and we are still in a learning process when it comes to making the most of it. Unlike halogen lamps, which produce a yellowish light, the LED light sources required slightly more experimentation to get the correct effect under daylight conditions, due to their more neutral white light."


“However, the end result was well worth the learning curve, as not only does the neutral white light from MEGAMAN® LED AR111’s show the creations in their accurate colours, but we have been able to position the lamps close to the exhibited dresses for maximum impact - something that would have been impossible to achieve with halogen sources.” Mr Kucher, concludes: " Thanks to MEGAMAN®’s LED solution, we haven’t yet had to use the air-conditioning system once, despite experiencing a minor heat-wave here in Zurich. The eco-design of the building and MEGAMAN®'s LED technology complement one another perfectly. I am very impressed!”


*MINERGIE® is a sustainability brand for new and refurbished buildings. It is mutually supported by the Swiss Confederation, the Swiss Cantons along with Trade and Industry and is registered in Switzerland and around the world.
**Based on energy costs of energy costs of €0.12/kWh and 0.616 kg CO2 emission/kwh


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