Location: Shanghai, China
Interior Designer: PplusP Designers Ltd

MEGAMAN® lights elite audio brand to perfection

Attention to detail is the driving force behind every McIntosh handcrafted prestige audio product. It is no surprise therefore that the latest McIntosh Labs store, located in Plaza 66, Shanghai, has been designed with perfection in mind. Created by innovative PplusP Designers Ltd and lit using the latest in MEGAMAN® LED lamp technology, the end result is a statement in exclusive retail lighting that also delivers savings of €3,535 in electricity costs and 24,000 kg in CO2 emissions per year compared to traditional equivalents*.


Housed within the prestigious Plaza 66, alongside the likes of Hermès, Cartier, Bvlgari and Louis Vuitton, the McIntosh Labs store is targeted at middle and upper class consumers looking for that exclusive sound system experience. PplusP Designers created an interior for the 1,600 sq-ft store that supported McIntosh’s brand leadership position. As well as the store’s centre-piece, a statement ‘Time Tree’ that illustrates historic moments in the company’s history, a range of more intimate spaces have been developed that are linked together using black stainless steel, marble and wood.


With so many reflective surfaces used throughout the store, the lighting had to be carefully chosen to create drama, warmth and intimacy whilst minimizing glare. MEGAMAN®’s range of LED AR111 reflectors were ideal as their unique axial geometry and patented Thermal Conductive Highway™ (TCH) technology deliver precise light direction, minimise glare and focus consumer attention on the stunning McIntosh audio systems. As well as creating focused beams of light with the MEGAMAN® LED AR111 15W 8° and 24° lamps, wall washes of colour were also achieved using the MEGAMAN® LED AR111 15W 45° lamp. Used to replace 75W halogens, the MEGAMAN® AR111 LED equivalent not only delivers in terms of light quality and energy efficiency, but with a lamp life of 50,000 hours (L70) it is also an ideal lamp for any retail, gallery or hospitality application.


MEGAMAN®’s 8W LED Classic lamps were also used throughout the store to deliver ambient lighting that mirrored the warmth of the wood panelling and created contrast to the sleek lines of the audio systems. Thanks to the low heat dissipation of MEGAMAN®’s lamps, they were able to be safely used within close proximity to the McIntosh systems. The end result is a stunningly lit retail experience that draws customers into the store and supports the McIntosh brand's luxury ethos, all whilst delivering significant energy and cost savings.


*Based on 172 total light sources (MEGAMAN® 8W LED Classic and 15W LED AR111) running 10 hrs per day.


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