Location: Hong Kong, China
Designer/Architect: Steve Leung Designers Ltd
Lighting Designer: TinoKwan Lighting Consultants Ltd


An exciting new shopping experience in the heart of Hong Kong’s financial and commercial district

Central, is turning heads thanks to its array of designer stores, lit with the latest in highly energy efficient MEGAMAN® lamp technology.


CENTRAL/CENTRAL, a retail concept developed by GRI, Asia’s leading international apparel and accessories brand-management and retail-distribution company, brings together the company’s portfolio of brands under one roof for the first time. Names in the 18,000 square feet retail space include Anne Klein New York, Carolinna Espinosa, Easy Spirit, EQ:IQ, Joan & David, Karen Millen, Nine West and Steve Madden. With the use of MEGAMAN® LED reflector technology, the end result is not only the ultimate in visual lighting drama, but in energy savings as well.


To create this stylish mall, GRI commissioned Steve Leung Designers Ltd to design a flowing space that accommodated each brand’s outlet with fluidity, but also allowing for individual expression. Working alongside renowned lighting designer, Tino Kwan, founder of TinoKwan Lighting Consultants Ltd, the result is a stunning white shopping canvas within which each ‘art collection’, or brand, is presented.


Tino Kwan explains: “CENTRAL/CENTRAL is a holistic shopping experience, and with this in mind, it has been divided into nine areas, eight shops and one private relaxation area, each with its own style and character of light fitting. Each of the shops reflects the individual personality of the international designer represented within it and has been designed with the two-fold aim of showing off the beauty of the products within, as well as positively impacting sales.”


While the design of each of the stores aims to offer the maximum flexibility for merchandising, the lighting technology used throughout has been chosen with visual impact, customer comfort and energy efficiency in mind. Tino Kwan chose to use MEGAMAN® LED Reflector Technology due to the lighting performance of the lamps, the variety of directional beam angles available and the sustainable credentials of MEGAMAN® as a company. Within CENTRAL/CENTRAL, over 750 MEGAMAN®’s LED AR111 10W dimmable 8, 24 and 45 degree light sources and MEGAMAN® LED MR16 10W dimmable 24 degree lamps were used, to create the right balance of drama and ambience within each of the stores, whilst reducing heat and energy consumption.


Apart from its energy saving potential and light quality, LED technology is of interest in retail installations due to the reduced heat output of the lamps and their ability to be positioned near to items on display.


Part of MEGAMAN®’s LED Reflector Series, MEGAMAN®’s AR111 and MR16 ranges of LED low energy replacements for halogen reflectors incorporate the company’s patented Thermal Conductive Highway™ (TCH) technology, which has superb heat dissipation, lighting performance and lumen maintenance. As a result the MEGAMAN® LED AR111 and MR16 ranges last up to 13 times longer and use 80% less power than halogen equivalents. With the same high quality light intensity and colour rendering of traditional AR111 and MR16 spotlights (colour rendering of up to Ra92), but with no UV light radiation, negligible IR radiation or residual glare, the LED AR111 and MR16 ranges are ideal for use in any retail outlet.


CENTRAL/CENTRAL is a prime example of what can be achieved when the latest in high quality LED lighting technology is used to its maximum effect. Thanks to the long lamp-life and superior light performance of MEGAMAN®’s LEDs, CENTRAL/CENTRAL will not only look good for many years to come but save significant amounts of energy and over 297,000 kg CO2per year*.


*Based on 0.616 kg CO2emission/kWh


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