Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

MEGAMAN® LED technology shows homewares and bedding store in a whole new light

When upmarket bed and homewares specialist, Morpheus, decided to upgrade the store’s lighting scheme in Utrecht, Netherlands, the transformation led to multiple benefits. Not only did the refurbishment with the latest in MEGAMAN® LED lamp technology significantly reduce the store’s electricity bill, but it brought the store’s dramatic colour scheme to life. The high light quality and energy efficiency of MEGAMAN®’s LED lamp technology means that Morpheus will save €92,190 (including re-lamping costs), and 123,270 kg CO2 over the lifespan of the lighting installation*.


Named after Morpheus, the god of dreams in Greek mythology, this familyowned chain of Dutch specialist bed and homeware stores has built its business on giving its customers the best night’s sleep possible. As David Minco, Morpheus comments: “Although we take the business of sleep very seriously, we like to make our showrooms as accessible and welcoming as possible to a wide range of customers. Our aim is to create aspirational, yet welcoming room layouts that demonstrate the design potential of bedrooms and guestrooms.” With this in mind, the owners were looking for ways to revitalise and refresh the look and feel of the store in Utrecht. Whilst commissioning an interior design upgrade at the store local light specialists from REXEL explored the possibility of upgrading the lighting to more energy efficient alternatives.


David Minco, Morpheus comments: “We were concerned that any lighting upgrade needed to maintain the warmth and drama that we have in our stores. Also, we have a wide range of soft furnishings that need to be lit with minimal UV impact to avoid them discolouring.” The solution came in the form of MEGAMAN®’s LED AR111 reflector range which harnesses Thermal Conductive Highway™ (TCH) technology to ensure that its lamps have superb heat dissipation, lighting performance and lumen maintenance, last up to 13 times longer than halogen equivalents and use 80% less power. In addition they are ideal for use in any retail environment as they have excellent colour rendering up to (Ra92) and no UV light radiation.


Speed of installation

Using the existing luminaires and lighting tracks, over 200 MEGAMAN® LED AR111 11W G53 24° 2800K reflectors were used to replace the original, inefficient 50W halogen light sources. Because MEGAMAN®’s LED AR111 range can be used with the majority of AC/DC12V halogen transformers, the installation team were able to minimise store downtime by using the existing transformers and simply replacing the lamps.


Shown in the best possible light

Part of the new showroom design scheme incorporated black features walls. Lighting an interior with such extremes of dark and light can have its problems however the unique axial geometry of MEGAMAN®’s LED reflectors meant that no residual glare or shadows were created on the walls. In addition, by choosing a warm white colour temperature, the lighting scheme draws people in to the store, as well as bringing Morpheus’ range of dramatically coloured homewares and bedding to life. “MEGAMAN®’s LED AR111 lamp’s excellent colour rendering and similar light intensity to traditional non-LED AR111 spotlights creates a space bathed in light that invites people to come in and browse” comments Rolf Ibsen of MEGAMAN®.


*Based on calculation of:
Replacing 210 x 50W halogen lamps with 210 x LED 11W AR111


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