User Interface


Free APP is available on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Infinite app is designed for both professional installers and end users as the system is easy to configure and there are different roles and permissions for different users.

User Friendly User Interface

The mobile App provides an user friendly interface, for controlling the whole network, areas and devices individually.

Scenes, Daylight sensor
and Motion sensor

Automation and scenes can be configured for each area.

Light harvesting can be set up by the automation of daylight sensor, while the motion sensor can also save energy by turning off and dimming the light automatically.

Scenes also can be created to control different setups by a tap and smart switch also can be assigned scenes through the app.

Sharing and transferring a Project

After finished the configuration of the project, the
project can be transferred the ownership to another

Moreover, administrators of the project can share to
other users with different role and the users will be
authorized to control devices in specific areas.

Self-powered switch

Infinite Smart Switch is a self-powered wireless controller which does not need any wire connections and battery for the power source. Energy is harvest when buttons are pushed and wireless signal is sent out to control.

Infinite Smart Switch can control the lighting on/off, brightness, colour temperature and scenes in an area. Two default scenes on the switch and users can create and change the scenes on the mobile app.