TECOH® THx Modules are Perfect Alternatives to MR16, PAR16 and AR111 Halogen Products

The built-in optics and heat-sink simplify the upgrade to a high efficient LED solution. With diameters of 50 and 111mm, the TECOH® THx  modules are suitable LED upgrades of low efficient PAR16, MR16 and AR111 halogen products.


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Current (mA)
350 350
Wattage (W)
6 6
Diameter (mm)
50 50
Height (mm)
30 30
Luminous Flux (lm)
500 500
Luminous Efficacy (lm/W)
83 83
Enhanced Colour Applications
  • TH0211-0050/dw/ru-WF-C0350v0

    Current (mA):  350
    Wattage (W):  6
    Diameter (mm):  50
    Height (mm):  30
    Luminous Flux (lm):  500
    Luminous Efficacy (lm/W):  83
    Colour Rendering Index (Ra):  Ra97
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